The Glow Leadership Program (GLP) has been established to identify and develop leaders into their God-anointed calling and position them ready for church ministry leadership. The focus of GLP ultimately is to direct, encourage and facilitate the journey of a leader to fulfil the potential God has placed inside of them. This 12 month program provides you with the opportunity to grow in your Bible knowledge of leadership and individual Christian walk through active accountability. A large amount of previous participants are now currently serving in full-time ministry positions or have been sent to other cities to help church planting.

Each of our campuses will have it’s own internal GLP running but if you are external to Glow we have an opportunity for you to join our GLP program at our Gold Coast campus.


The GLP 12-month program is about developing a strong personal leadership foundation and the character needed for sustainable, healthy growth in a fast-paced leadership environment. People are our purpose, which means participation in ministries, teams and the operations of Glow Church is a high priority. As part of GLP, you will be exposed to facilitating teams and leadership opportunities at Glow Church with the focus on growing and building people you have the privilege of leading.

If you call Glow Church home and want to be considered for GLP, you are required to complete an application process and be able to show that you are:

  • Consistent in attending a connect group
Consistently serving on a Glow team
  • Have completed Growth Track

For those applying from outside of Glow Church, a similar level of involvement at your church home is expected.

Upon selection, all GLP students will be required at some stage throughout the year to complete a Glow-initiated missions trip as well as be involved in an operational leadership role for our Glow Conference 2022.

To apply for GLP, all applicants’ personal lives must reflect the core values, culture and expectations of a leader at Glow Church. You will be required to provide us with the name and number of your Connect Group Leader.



Acts 20:28 says to keep watch over yourself and to shepherd the church and those that the Holy Spirit has entrusted to you. To lead and disciple others, you must first be able to lead yourself. This year you will be challenged in how you can lead yourself better in order to effectively lead others. Prepare for a year where unhealthy habits are broken and healthy habits are created based on Biblical principals. Self-Leadership is a marathon, not a sprint.

Commitment to Discipleship

As disciples, Jesus tells us to go out and make disciples of all nations and it is this process that we are passionate about. During the year, you will find that there will be an acceleration of personal growth as the commitment to discipleship takes place. Within this program, many opportunities and challenges will arise to stretch, grow and develop you into the leader God has called you to be.

Empowering You

During the year you will be empowered to step out and into situations that will build your character, skills, leadership and ability to lead yourself and disciple others. This year is about empowering you to take risks in a safe environment, be pushed out of your comfort zone and to discover your next steps in your leadership journey.


The Glow Leadership Program is run in Sydney, Gold Coast, and Melbourne. Take the next step to identify and develop your leadership skills, and move into your God-anointed calling.